I’ve put this page together for anyone seeking advice on the various aspects of children’s publishing. You’ll find some reading suggestions and links; for both general advice, more specific articles and some interviews about me and my work. In itself, this is a work-in-progress…


These are my personal recommendations of handy publications and useful reading for the aspiring picturebook maker. At one time or another they have been invaluable to me.

The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook – annually updated directory of publishing industry contacts; all the agents and publishers can be found in here and there’s some great advice about how and when to approach them.

Idiot’s Guide to Children’s Publishing by Harold D. Underdown & Lynne Rominger – This book is brilliant for anyone who has a children’s book idea in the works, at whatever stage of development. It tells you how to pitch to publishers and most importantly I think, what not to do. (Note to writers: You do NOT need to find an illustrator!)

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud  - I came to this only recently and I can’t recommend it enough. Effectively a comic about making comics, its informative and easy to absorb for the visually minded. Don’t be misled by the title – the cross over between comics and picture books is a very fine line indeed. Some really eye-opening thoughts into the process of the art of combining words and pictures.

Drawing with Pictures by Uri Shulevitz – Uri dissects the process of creating picture books with fluency and authority. A must-read for anyone serious about finding a voice in their art.

Drawing On The Artist Within by Betty Edwards – For anyone who thinks they can’t draw, or that drawing is a skill delivered by lightning bolt at birth, spend some time with this instructional book. As a teenager this book changed the way I thought about drawing.



A few favourites here, but there are more wandering in the wilds…

Picturebook Makers My guest blog post detailing how Grandad’s Island came about.

Seven Impossible Things I talk all things illustrated with Jules Danielson.

Booksniffer My first author-illustrator interview with the inimitable book-sniffing pug.

Let’s Get Busy Podcast interview with US school librarian Matthew Winner